This week’s headlines read like a doomsday run-up for US. I guess I’ll just leave the links and maybe when my blood cools a little I’ll be able to ruminate as I’d like.

The Jig is up, but that won’t stop them – The real issue behind DRM and the DMC.

Our culture is one of blame, with a NEED to blame, a need to litigate everything in sight. We are now criminally and financially liable for that which is beyond our control. If the guilt lay with a stone that can offer no blood, stand clear because the closest flesh will be sacrificed.

And then there’s Bush and his antics… control, decimate, fuck up lives, and belittle life. And there’s the mess he’s made and it seems like he’s doing everything in his power to force a situation in which we’ll be drawn into war with Iran. It’s pretty much the same tactic he used to careen the country into Iraq. Funny that what potentially might have proven to be the most reasonable justification for disposing Saddam was only offered in the 4th year of the occupation, and not even hinted at previously. Bush offers that he knows going into Iraq was the right thing because it will prevent a nuclear arms race with Iran and the potential use of those weapons. That’s great to know now, Bushy, even if a bit of a stretch still yet, but you obviously didn’t “know” this until some bow tie wearing brain-box drew it in a picture for you just last month, so that doesn’t really do anything for me – you still sent troops to die just because Saddam tried to hurt yo’ Daddy!