I’m not behind Dennis Kucinich and I’m not really sure I’d endorse him either… but he seems like ‘a candidate’ yet I’ve noticed that his name is distinctly absent from all media coverage. I haven’t decided whether I think that’s just because they only have room for a certain number of potential candidates in the 24 hour news cycle and so they picked the horses they’re going to cover and dumped the rest. Maybe they’ve decided for us that he’s not ‘right’ for us. Or maybe they don’t actually cover the nomination/election of a party candidate/president and the stances on issues they take and agendas they seek to pursue but rather the drama of the election that plays out day to day. So if someone in the play were to mention his name or interact with him, then it would almost be inviting him onto the stage.

What a sad place and time we live in.

some Kucinich sites I found… I like many of his ideas but I’m not sure that I’m for them all and I don’t know that they are all still well timed.

I do appreciate the fact that he’s the only Dem. candidate I’ve heard of so far that used his vote to oppose toppling Iraq in 2003.

He seems to go with his principles rather than simply with the party consensus, good for my opinion, bad for the party’s opinion.

I’ll look at him a little harder before he gets forced out by the primaries.

Some links (mostly pro, one neutral* wikipedia page, and a couple of odd anti-kucinich):





(interesting – they seem to disparage him because a quote of his implies that he believes in evolution and recognizes we originate from star dust – kind of odd thing to consider a handicap in my book)

And two sites on the candidate fields: