So in my eyes this is as much a condemnation of the Democrats and the perpetual state of campaign driven politics as it is about ‘Dubya‘ needing to go. There are several key ideas that come into play here. There is a notion out there that a major scare in impeachment is the ascendance of Chaney to the throne. I read recently (link to come shortly) about an assertion that in impeaching the president, we would assuredly not be left with Chaney. It’s argued that as with Spiro Agnew when Nixon’s head was on the chopping block Cheney would either be fingered for corruption or more amicably resign due to health concerns. There’s no way the GOP would let a lame duck Bush be swapped for a dead duck Chaney. That sounds reasonable, so as the scenario reads – they would be swapping out the VP shortly before Bush topples and this mystery ‘man‘ is installed as president.
Simple enough, but here’s the rub – Bush’s approval ratings are in the toilet and more likely than not to go down or at least stay down. That’s good news for the Dems. This is the first time in a long time that no one from the current white house is in the race. More good news for the Dems. If the same emotional wave that swept the midterms last fall is crashing on DC in ’08 the Dems will likely pick up more seats and maybe just maybe the oval. So this whole ‘no impeachment’ deal comes down to preserving the momentum of the Democrat ticket leading up to the 2008 elections. Forget the integrity of the presidency, the honor of a nation, the rule of law, the liberty of a people and the autonomy of a congress – there’s election strategizing to be done. And that strategy does not involve giving the GOP a year long ‘do-over’ with someone else more competent who can instill some faith in the populous leading up to election season, and perhaps putting the face of authenticity on a potential GOP presidential candidate.
Of course, that’s ignoring the greatest probability; that infighting about who would be granted the boost and given the position would lead to a non-challenger being picked for the task… My proposal… Dems impeach with the gentlemanly understanding that Ron Paul will be picked as Cheney’s stand-in and he’ll appoint Mike Gravel as vice… then in ’08 they’ll switch an a Gravel/Paul (really only fair after the GOP fiasco that has been our entire 21st century so far) ticket and get both nominations. That would do it for me, I ask nothing else really.