To continue my train of thought from my last post… I have so reason questions for the republican party outside the administration. If you realize that the Dems are forgoing impeachment to shore up the disgust for the administration that will inevitably carry over to the party in general for their roles as enablers, then how do you proceed? The press seems to have finally decided to get back in the game somewhat, and so the scandalous stories that have been kept under wraps for the past six years are going to have legs all the way through this term. That presents a bit of a conundrum for the GOP on the Hill. They’re trying to play both sides of the court, they want to distance themselves from the president by appearling to be outraged by by his transgressions, while trying to keep a lid on the extent of the flames. In the same way that the Dems think they’re better set for ’08 if Bush stays put and continues to take his flogging, I wonder if the GOP would be served by sacking him and installing a more amicable character. What’s sad is that they an intersting tactic would have been to releive Cheney and install the year 2000 version of McCain as Vp and then let the GOP take Bush down – but that’s impossible with the current McCain incarnation. As it stands, none of the ’08 candidates could really fill that role without unsurmountable objections. but even back here on earth, with strategies in the realm of possiblility, should congress-folk on the balot next round try to save-face by leting the Bush-fires burn as hot as possible and make sure everyone knows they are feeding those flames.