I read this ‘piece’ on whether Nader was going to run in 2008 – no issues, no positions, just about the process of the ‘race’ – I do hate that crap. Anyway, I noticed this bit: “While Nader praised two candidates who have almost no chance of winning their party’s nomination — Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Mike Gravel — he was severe in his criticism of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.” I have been wondering about this, take Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, Ralph Nader, and maybe Denis Kucinich… what do these guys think of each other? In many respects they have vastly different takes on the role of the federal government, its reach and its limits where the ‘toes’ of states rights stick out. But they are more alike than not in that they all have the destinctly non-politician ability to actually recognize REAL concerns and stand up to face them. I’d love to see the four of them on Charlie Rose (a great conversationalist who’s show is one of my favorites) as he sometimes does when he gathers ‘experts’ of various sorts. I’d love to here them talking about solving problems rather than pushing personlized visions as hollow measuring sticks for voters but far short of true solutions. boy, that would be swell.