There’s an article in the daily mail today, “Putin’s Arctic invasion: Russia lays claim to the North Pole – and all its gas, oil, and diamonds“. Their claim is that the underwater Lomonsov and Mendeleev Ridges are extensions of their continental shelf and therefore part of their exclusive territory. They didn’t also mention that the Losmonsov Ridge connects with territory in Canada and perhaps Greenland, controlled by the Dutch, so says wikipedia, anyway. Thier claim isn’t new I suppose, just reasserted with the force of an iron fist.

Of course we live in a stupid world, the kind where one could actually feel reasonable in arguing that geological continuity has some bearing on national territorial boundary. I gueass that’s why thay call Canada America Jr. You know because our above-water ridges extend into both Canada and Mexico. But since we’re counting the underwater crap… “North American plate includes the easternmost portion of the Asian land mass.” Oh wait – “Geologists do not use these facts to suggest that eastern Asia is part of the North American continent, even though the plate boundary extends there; the word continent is usually used in its geographic sense and additional definitions (“continental rocks,” “plate boundaries”) are used as appropriate.” -more wikipedia.

And in case you were wondering, Cuba? That’s all Mexico now!

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!