Drudge linked to a fairly unremarkable yahoo story about yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on considering race in allocating slots for school placement.  I found a better resource in Education Week where they linked to the court’s decision at Find Law in addition to several other reports I didn’t check out.

Of note, while skimming through the court’s decision I found this excerpt from the COMPLAINT quite revealing: “…allocating children to different public schools based solely on their race violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection guarantee.”

I interpret this to mean that the court decided on using race as the SOLE determinent in allocating school slots.  But when was the last time we (royally of course) seriously considered race without considering class and welth disparity.  And in doing so, aren’t we fulfilling the requirements of the court in considering race ALONG WITH other factors.  To me, they are saying, you don’t have to change anything, you just have to rephrase your decision making process to suit.

While non-productive and to some extent a dismissal of the continuing racial inequity in the US – it sounds meaningless in practical terms – unless of course you were bussing poor kids from a predominently black district over to an equally poor district of predominently white kids.  And I bet that always happens… as opposed to integrating poor and ‘more’ well off children.