Senators have decided they they would rather catch up AG Gonzales in a heated game of Simon says rather than standing up for the constitution. It’s really a sad state when you can cause more political damage with this sort of game than you can by just demanding honesty and openness within the government. Executive Privilege – it sounds like something thought up to take the media’s microscope off of the president’s daily meetings and correspondences. That congress could allow for one moment the argument that it extends in anyway to block congressional oversight is a travesty. I must say, this presidential election, as no other in memory has been, is less about Democrat and Republican partisanship and more about the reverence for our constitutional government. Interpretation is one thing, but to clearly violate both the letter and the intent of country’s essence of being is reprehensible.

Today, we have a failing state. Without correction, and I mean correction, not just a easement on infringement, we will have a failed state!

The recent game of Simon says… that it came to this is sad… but at least something is coming of it all.

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Ain't it the truth though?!?!