Is Dennis Kucinich becoming the democrat’s Ron Paul. I sure hope so – he pretty much is. ABC has a crappy story and poll (which was still available as far as I know) about the drama rather than issues, as always, but so was the debate so whatever.

old screenshot - dennis is pulling away

This screen-shot is old – Dennis is pulling away now, up in the 12k rangeas I write this (Obama still 2nd with about as may as in this graphic).

I think it’s time to get the Integrity Initiative up and churning – bringing a bipartisan campaign focus on integrity… Ron Paul, dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel.

A warning to the Dem. brass – personally, I’m for Kucinich, but I like Mike Gravel’s proposition of the ‘fare tax.’ and the warning… I’d vote for Ron Paul over the Dem’s usual suspects of Clinton Edwards and Obama. There’s just something about reasserting the constitutionality of government that supra cedes the legitimate but relatively peripheral issues that arise more from differences in interpretation.