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In the previous post I introduced the video of Kucinich’s articles of impeachment for Dick Cheney.

Now it’s time to look at the zaniness that ensued. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has on several occasions voiced her opposition to any impeachment proceedings, regardless of the american people’s will. Following the introduction of the articles, the democratic ‘leadership’ introduced a motion to table the impeachment resolution in accordance with the party leadership’s line. The vote on this tabling motion was alloted 15 minutes. An hour later there was a bewildering result. The preponderance of democratic representatives voted to table (kill) the resolution as expected. I’ll be looking for a list of the recorded Yea and Nay votes on this and other related motions.

Interestingly, after the republicans initially began registering votes to table the motion, they began switching their votes, indicating the resolution should be held over for debate. As it gradually became clear that the truly supportive democrats plus the republican block would have enough votes to keep the resolution alive, some democrats who had been voting to table it saw what was coming and began switching their votes but most didn’t.

It isn’t clear whether the republicans were altogether sure a debate and vote on impeachment would be a detriment to democrats and a boon to republicans or whether they just calculated that the democrats would do everything possible to to keep the issue from being debated, including, in the process, making themselves look bad. To that point, the issue wasn’t tabled, and was headed for debate for a millisecond or so before Steny Hoyner (D-MD.) introduced a motion to send the resolution to the judicial committee with the hope it would languish and die there. The democrats rallied to move it into committee while the republicans dared them to put it up for debate once again. No such luck, it was ushered off to committee. The results of that one are here.

next up: …speculation and power moves.