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Dennis Kucinich may have started it, he may have pushed it almost alone, but Robert Wexler, Luis Gutierrez, and Tammy Baldwin (I always thought Tammy was a nickname – who knew) have taken up the cause.


I came across a blog about Wexler’s current effort to move the process forward and hold hearings on impeachment.  A little over a month ago Kucinich introduced his resolution on impeachment of Cheney, the video of which I posted along with a follow-up cursory analysis.

Representative Wexler wrote an op-ed blog for the Huffinton Post entitled The Case for Impeachment Hearings.  It’s time-stamped at 1:00 PM of Friday the 14th.  Interestingly, he notes towards the end that if his petition site that if he can get 50,ooo signatures he’ll report back to fellow Democrats to demonstrate ‘the true power that exists behind this movement.’  Well, I’m posting this at roughly 10:00 PM on Saturday, about 33 hours after the Huff-Po op-ed announced the petition drive and the tally stands at 48,111 (probably 50,000 by the time I finish the post).

Throw The Bums Out!

I wonder if he thought that he’d already have the 50,000 to take to his colleagues by Monday?  Classic!

Below is Wexler’s video address for the cause…