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I’m starting a new category, Graphs.  I’ve got a few that I like…

US debt vs. year (presidential terms)
found on the Inteligent Guess blog.

So I just wrote up a blurb for this graph above, then decided I’d rather it be below because it was getting to ‘rich’ – so a little ctrl-x and ctrl-v – and no love, it pastes the link to the picture that I had previously had in the clip-board.  So either wordpress (always to blame) or Opera screwed me royally!  F#*k, I hate computers!

Anyway, long story shortened… The Republican party (more so than the Dems) is a sham.  It uses code words that trigger an idea in the minds of voters when the actual intention is completely different.  The party of small government my ass!  Tax breaks, get real – you think a giant military and law enforcement apparatus is free?  And privitizing something that still gets funding from the government doesn’t cut it.  blah blah blah, you get the point.