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upfront: This has nothing to with Obama’s credibility as a candidate or anything about him specifically really. It’s all about us.
Vodpod videos no longer available. Well, it’s slick… a little too slick. I couldn’t put my finger on it for about half of the video. The track was clever and appealing, and the pictures… the pictures, well they were of celebrities. Why am I supposed to respond to celebrity? Oh, yeah… I’m not. It’s the marketer’s device – taking advantage of weakness of our psyche. And then I realized why it rubbed me the wrong way, why it wasn’t as affective a device as it could have easily been. The track doesn’t match the images. Change is a great message but celebrity faces does nothing for me, and if it does something for you, then what do you want with the ideas behind the words? It should have been pictures of the change and the hope, of the past and the future, the old and the new, where we are headed and where we wish we were headed. Really… October Road guy?