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I really hate the usability of WordPress!  It’s like a corvette, it’s got a pretty face, all the right curves and stats and all but as soon as you drive it off the lot and spend some real time in it, you realize just how flawed a piece of shit it really is.  

So I just posted a few minutes ago, and I had two embedded links in the post.  I like to have them open in separate windows but the link pop-up was coming up blank, so I just switched to HTML mode and added the links manually.  But I forgot to add the  target=”_blank” commands and only realized after I posted.  Of course, as soon as I try to go back to edit, the HTML is stripped out and my links are gone.  So I get a choice, live with what I did, or go back and manually enter each link all over again.  It’s not too much to burdensome when there are only two links but I have some posts that have some serious HTML in them and it’s such a basic function of the service that is completely deficient… maybe I should just turn this into an anti-Wordpress WordPress blog.