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Sarah Palin = [ (Bush + Lipstick + Dress) – (Andover + Rich Daddy + Daddy’s Rich Friends) ]

I don’t get how no one seems to see this…  I keep hearing how she’s like Cheney with Lipstick but no, Cheney, while diabolically evil, has stuff going on up in his head that he came up with all on his own.  The other two, not so much.  It’s been said before – they are blank slates awaiting NeoCon imprinting, and that’s why they are such great candidates for them, like putty to be molded.

And Katie Couric let her slide –  Talk about not offering any specifics, she padded with more BS than a 10th grade history paper!  How did Couric not ask her what she thought the Bailout bill should look like?  What does she think about the estate tax postponement plan?  What does she think about limiting the initial outlay to $1 billion with the possibility for further injections?

Three interviews and this is the best we get?

No wonder McCain is desperate to postpone Friday’s debate and reschedule it for the VP debate’s slot, postponing that indefinitely – effectively canceling it.